chatting with the baby

While the second baby is less photographed, less assisted in his play, maybe even less noticed as they develop new skills, the delight over new baby development is still there. Today, after being nearly ignored all day while we held a garage sale, was Oliver’s moment to communicate vocally beyond just babbling sounds over and over to himself. When I mimicked his word back to him, I watched his mouth form the same sound back over and over to me, as if trying to tell me something very important. His face was full of intent. And pleasure – that we for once seemed to know what he was saying. I know other babes get to this point sooner or other parents notice it before I did. But oh my excitement. His ‘tha’ that ended with a big open mouth was ever so cute. And he know how to work it – it got him a few extra minutes to stay up past bedtime!


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