where creativity led to today

Amidst all my shushing and jotting of notes and busy day I had going on, I happily looked the other way while BIG WORK took place at the crafting table. I occasionally pointed out that scissors should not be left on the floor for brother to find, or that scissors did not belong in the bedroom, especially to cut paper on the bed, but I otherwise kept my nose, and eyes, out of it. And because of it, a lot more was accomplished.

Here we have the beemer wasp pupa. We are currently watching ladybugs go from their larva and pupa stages to full-blown ladybugs, so I understand the inspiration. The beemer wasp though, well, it must be a new species, native to Forest Ave.

And then came the train and stone tunnel, with a car on a bridge overtop. It has been exciting in our household to watch the  gradual steps as big E tries to move to three-dimensional drawing.

There was even some block building in there today. Ah, the thrill of picture-taking. And he wanted to be in there, like that.  

But this is by far my favorite creation… and you might wonder why. I know, look at it. A jumble of paper clips, tape, paper, and even a stick for good measure. But the story makes the piece. It is actually a model of a park and house. In the back is a fire pit and tree, with a curving sidewalk drawn in the middle. On the right are ‘climbing/hanging things’ (his words) – ‘one for big kids and one for little kids’. The stick is the balance beam. I am not sure what the red rectangle is, but I will use my imagination for some park play thing. Big E is often inspired by his Dad’s model making and wants to help. And if he cannot help, he just designs his own.

I really hope I can continue to mind my business, with crafting and so much more, and not do the adult thing by squelching it all, even in an effort to ‘help’. I don’t want to kill the enthusiasm, the designs, the energy, the pride. Everything I am now self-conscious about when I work.



  1. Noelle Allison said,

    May 21, 2010 at 3:31 am

    Big E and Middle-Sized A were on the same wavelength today 🙂 She spent the WHOLE DAY (I am completely serious) sitting at the kitchen table designing, drawing, and decorating two multi-family apartment houses for the glass beads we used for the family incentive thing I tried last winter. Also, she created a playground for them. Then she and Smaller P (who had spent some time making house plans of her own) played with the “families” of beads in the apartments & playground. It is so inspiring to glimpse the depths of creativity in kids this age….

    • montessorimama said,

      May 21, 2010 at 3:37 am

      They can work on a city together! I bet that equaled a good day for mama too!

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