cutting work

Although it is summer and most people are enjoying the pool or trails, I find the boys and I are inside more often than not. I believe we should be out,  but then I worry about heat and bugs on the baby and when we are out, I end up drippy and grouchy from the heat. So we are waiting on fall!

Because big E is restless and we have been learning shape names with the geometric cabinet, I got back out cutting work. We started this a long time ago, perhaps right around the age of 2, with straight lines. I made them quite thin and got scissors that popped open as his first pair. He liked cutting but grew frustrated if he did not cut perfectly. So now, older and more skilled with scissors, we pulled the shapes back out for cutting and making collages. I should note that between the time we put up the practice precision cutting, he still had access to scissors, but more for just free cutting practice. As his skills improved, we got out a child-sized, very sharp Fiskars pair – they fit his hand, and the actually cut well. Here are the types we used between the ages of 2 and 4.



In case you are inside more than you planned this summer, I uploaded the files to share – on the left side bar. It just requires construction paper or cardstock paper, a printer, and a paper-cutter (or scissors). The order we showed them to E was: straight lines, zigzags, curves, and then shapes.

And just in case it needs said… I know they are not much, but please, keep them just for personal use. No selling, no passing along as yours. Thanks!

October 10, 2010 – I have removed the files since boxnet was causing trouble on my site… If you would like the documents, comment and ask or email me. Thank you!


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