what I hate more than diapering

Can you guess what I hate more than trying to diaper my little Oliver, little squirmy, screaming, thrashing little Oliver?

Allow me to illustrate with a story, a lesson for me and anyone with wee ones.

With about 1 hour until I have guests arriving, as solo parent (this whole week!), I should be:

– finishing my supper, well actually starting my supper

– bathe my boys

– do the dishes

– bake a dessert

– clean off the table

– pick up toys

– PUT A DIAPER ON OLIVER (I just changed a poop, but a little naked freedom seemed in order)

Where am I instead? What is so pressing I am doing none of these things? I am on facebook. Still feeling that I have everything in order with plenty of time to spare, I realize Oliver is surprisingly quiet. Parents, you all know this troublesome lack of sound. I pry myself away from the computer and round the corner to the horror of not putting a diaper on.

The baby who poops about 5 loose poops a day had of course pooped and peed and was stomping and sliding in it, nearly falling over. I grabbed him and called for Elliott. Elliott was quick, getting me cloths. But in these few seconds, Oliver managed to squirm and wriggle more, spreading the mess, getting it up his legs, on my arms (don’t ask how!)…

So I explained to Elliott where not to step and scooped Oliver up. At least I was going to knock the first thing off the list since he now required a bath.

After the bath, I considered yet again a little naked time. And then I put a diaper on a screamy and thrashing little boy. Lesson learned.

And do I tackle what is next on the list? No.

I headed right back to the computer.


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