just forgetting

I love nights out. Not because I am taking a needed break from childcare or being housebound. I love forgetting. Whether it be dinner with my husband, knitting at a friends, or, like tonight, drinks and bowling with friends… I often fuss over all I need to do once I get home, long before I head out. But while I am out, I love the feeling – a vague glimpse, a quick remembering, a sense of what I said I would do once I get home and then, carefree, letting it go. Realizing it can be, and will be, done later, another day.

Having a few drinks can aid that feeling of course! (And any errors in this post can be attributed to them too!)

What a nice night out and many thanks to the friends who helped me forget what I was once so worried about accomplishing. And Happy Birthday, Jennifer!


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