About This Blogger

I am a SAHM (who hates this abbreviation, but will still use it) with two little boys, Elliott and Oliver. I also tend fish, butterflies, sea monkeys, turtles, crickets, worms, a spouse, or whatever comes inside the house. I live in the middle of farming country (Muncie, Indiana) and will always let everyone know how much I want to leave this area and go where there is farm land with mountains and ocean nearby. I really get excited about nature (but find I am out in it less some days because of kids) and I like to fill my free moments with reading, knitting, and crafting, even if I am not that great at some of it.

I love Montessori education and got my AMI primary training in 2003. I love to talk about it with anyone who wants to listen, but often find I am too worried they think I am rambling to continue talking. I also get so excited to discuss it all that my words seem to come out in an incoherent jumble. I want my children to be in a great Montessori school and if we cannot move, I may just have to start one. 

I have a few items for sale on Etsy at Diana’s Handmade. I have Montessori items and children’s toys currently listed. Check out my favorites on there too. There are a lot of great sellers with fabulous items for sale.

And I dislike exercise, a lot. I like the idea, not the actual effort.

I also need to spend less time on the computer. Which is why I started a blog…

 That is all I got for now.

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